Criminal Appeals

The Law Office of Kyle Verret, PLLC represents clients in post-conviction proceedings, including appeals to the Courts of Appeal, Petitions for Discretionary Review to the Court of Criminal Appeals, Petitions for Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States, writs of habeas corpus, motions to modify probation, motions for non-disclosure, expunctions, and applications for pardons.

A conviction in a criminal case is not the end of the process. In many criminal cases that are tried, some type of error occurs. The role of an appellate attorney is to review the record of the trial and determine if there are any grounds to appeal. Where sufficiently serious and harmful error exists, an appellate attorney can prepare a brief to the Court of Appeals advocating the client’s position that there was error at trial and seek to have the client’s conviction overturned.

The Law Office of Kyle Verret has represented clients in post conviction matters on various grounds, including:

  • Denial of the Fourth Amendment Right Against Unreasonable Searches
  • Denial of Fifth Amendment Right to Silence
  • Denial of Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel
  • Ineffective Assistance of Trial Counsel
  • Evidentiary Insufficiency
  • State’s Failure to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence
  • Jury Charge Error

Texas law establishes strict deadlines for criminal defendants who have been convicted of a crime to begin the appeal of their case. A person convicted of a crime in the State of Texas has only thirty days from the date of judgment in the trial court to begin the appeal in their case. If the person does not properly notify the trial court of the desire to appeal, almost all error that occurred at trial is waived and in most cases can not be considered.

If you you or a loved one has been improperly convicted of a crime, or feel that you have received an unfair trial, you should contact an experienced and knowledgeable appellate attorney as soon as possible to ensure the protection of all of the convicted person’s rights on appeal.

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